State of the Coast Guard Address

Approximately 600 people were on hand as U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Bob Papp delivered the 2013 State of the Coast Guard Address this week, highlighting the tremendous work the service has done in the past year.  He praised the Coast Guard’s advance preparation for and response to Hurricane Sandy and discussed how new technologies helped the USCG locate vessels in the storms path and warm them.

Papp commended Coast Guard personnel, “the service’s greatest asset,” and vowed to provide the tools necessary for Coast Guardsmen to maintain proficiency and fulfill their missions. He also expressed “concern that shrinking budgets have impacted our ability to hold courses, pay for travel to training and provide the necessary extra boat and aircraft hours. We must continually seek smarter, more innovative and more economical ways to provide these experiences. Our people deserve it and our service to the public demands it.”