TRICARE Prime Referral Authorization Waived in West Region

TRICARE is temporarily waiving the authorization requirement for beneficiaries in the West Region seeking referrals to specialty care.   For the period of April 1 to May 18, Prime beneficiaries referred to a network specialist for TRICARE-covered services will not need an authorization.

The waivers are intended to help expedite the referral process for UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans, the contractor that began serving TRICARE’s West Region in April.  Since then, the volume of referral and care authorizations has increased beyond traditional norms and the waivers are designed to help eliminate the resulting backlog.

Beneficiaries should ask for a written copy of their referral or ask their provider to fax a copy to the specialist they wish to see.  This authorization waiver is for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries in the West Region only and does not apply to TRICARE Standard beneficiaries.

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