Bill Introduced to Correct Misdiagnosed Veterans

Representative Tim Walz (Minn.), a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, introduced legislation (H.R. 975) that would authorize thePhysical Disability Board of Review (PDBR) to evaluate and, when necessary, correct service records for veterans diagnosed by the Department of Defense (DoD) with a Personality Disorder (PD) or Adjustment Disorder (AD) and discharged after active-duty deployment.Because PD and AD are considered pre-existing conditions, DoD is not obligated to award these veterans benefits related to their conditions. Walz introduced the“Servicemembers Mental Health Review Act” because hebelieves many of these vets are actually suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and are eligible for benefits they’ve rightfully earned and need to properly reintegrate into their communities.

Members are urged to use the FRA Action Center to ask their representative to support the bill.