DoD Civilian Furloughs Begin and SecDef Warns of Deeper Cuts in 2014

This week begins the furlough of nearly 700,000 Defense (DoD) civilian employees taking off one-day a week for the next 11 weeks. In addition training time for aircraft and ships is being reduced, among other effects of FY 2013 sequestration reductions ($37 billion in cuts for Defense). The Budget Control Act of 2011 mandates another round of deep across-the-board budget cuts effective October 1, 2013.

In a letter to Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Chairman Senator Carl Levin (Mich.) and Ranking Member Senator James Inhofe (Okla.), first reported in June 28 Newsbytes, Defense Secretary (SecDef) Chuck Hagel cautioned that DoD would be forced to make additional cuts if the sequester process continues through F Y 2014.

Neither the House (H.R. 1960) nor Senate (S. 1197) Armed Services Committee-approved version of the FY 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) accounts for $52 billion in cuts that will take effect on September 30, 2013, unless alternative spending plans are approved.

No talks between the President and House and Senate leadership to avert FY 2014 Defense sequestration cuts have been scheduled.  Members are urged to use the Action Center to tell the President, their Senators and Representative that these arbitrary cuts to Defense will create a "hollow force" and will endanger national security, and they should exclude Defense from future sequestration cuts.

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