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8/01/13 NHQ Job Openings
4/25/13 FRA Takes Members’ Concerns to Capitol Hill
2/08/13 Letter to the Wall Street Journal on Cuts to Pentagon Spending

Press Releases
9/25/13 Leaders of the Veterans’ Community to Address FRA’s 2013 National Convention
9/19/13 FRA Hires New Finance Officer
6/20/13 FRA Marks 15th Anniversary of USCG Caucus Breakfast
6/07/13 Letter to Washington Post on Commissaries
4/25/13 FRA Takes Members’ Concerns to Capitol Hill
4/18/13 FRA Advocates Full ECI Pay Hike at Senate Hearing

News Bytes
11/21/14 FRA NewsBytes - 11-21-2014
11/14/14 FRA NewsBytes - 11-14-2014
11/07/14 FRA NewsBytes - 11-07-2014
10/31/14 FRA NewsBytes - 10-31-2014
10/24/14 FRA NewsBytes - 10-24-2014
10/17/14 FRA NewsBytes - 10-17-2014

11/20/14 Autism care coverage improves but costs still worrisome
11/06/14 First ‘Choice Cards’ to 320,000 Vets

Sgt. Shaft

John Fales (a.k.a. Sgt. Shaft) is a columnist for the Washington Times. The Sgt. Shaft column is written with a wry sense of humor, empathy for the underdog, and strong love of country and fellow veterans that closely mirror the nature of its creator.

Cherokee Veteran of Iran and PTSD survey