FRA Awards 2009 Scholarships to Deserving Students

In its ongoing effort to support America’s future leaders, the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) awarded nearly $100,000 in scholarships to its members, their spouses, children and grandchildren who are pursuing higher education in the 2009-2010 academic year. More than 200 students applied for the annual scholarship program, in which recipients are selected based on financial need, academic standing, character and leadership qualities.

This year’s 23 awards are funded through private donations, established trusts and corporate sponsorships. In conjunction with its scholarship program, FRA is establishing a new education foundation that will officially be announced at the Association’s 82nd National Convention in October 2009.

Click here for further information about the Association’s scholarship program.Applications for FRA’s 2010-2011 scholarships will be available online after September 1, 2009.

The recipients of FRA’s 2009 scholarship awards are: 

Glenn F. Glezen Scholarship ($5,000) 
Shannon M. Hazelwood, spouse of Joshua R Hazelwood, Branch 5

Robert W. Nolan Scholarship ($5,000)
Linda J. Andreoli, Branch 27

Joseph R. Baranski Scholarship ($5,000)
Bridget N. Ebeling, daughter of Daniel P. Ebeling, Branch 89

Fleet Reserve Association Award
Alicca R. Rice, granddaughter of the late Robert L. Haislup, Branch 272 ($5,000) 
Douglas R. Wilbur, dependent of Douglas R. Wilbur, Branch 110 ($5,000) 
Marcellina T. Teixeira, granddaughter of the late James J. Eles, Member-at-Large ($5,000) 
Lindsey K. Peterson, granddaughter of Charles Lawley, Jr., Member-at-Large ($5,000) 
Ashley N. Koenn, granddaughter of Joseph J. Zigovits, Branch 348 ($5,000) 
Henry Krigbaum, Member-at-Large ($5,000) 
Kelley A. Davis, granddaughter of Billy C. Davis, Branch 339 ($5,000) 
Christina R. Breitenbuecher, granddaughter of Louis A. Barella, Branch 48 ($5,000) 
Deanna L. Matthew, granddaughter of Randolph Matthew, Member-at-Large ($2,500)
Katelyn Matthew, granddaughter of Randolph Matthew, Member-at-Large ($2,500)

Robert M. Treadwell Annual Scholarship ($5,000)
Kayle E. Noble, granddaughter of Russell W. Noble, Member-at-Large

Stanley A. Doran Memorial Scholarship ($5,000)
Ian J. Michel, son of Richard A. Michel, Branch 276

Lillian A. Moon Scholarship ($5,000)
Megan K. Flanary, daughter of Ellen P. Flanary, Branch 244

The Donald Bruce Pringle Family Scholarship ($2,500 each)
Megan E. Kam-Johnson, granddaughter of Kwock G. Kam, Branch 22
Christine A. Jaqueth, daughter of Dennis S. Jaqueth, Member-at-Large

The Donald Bruce Pringle Family Scholarship/Quielisch Scholarship Fund ($2,000)
Jason P. Williams, grandson of Robert L. Turman, Branch 41

MCPO Ken E. Blair Scholarship ($4,000)
Crystal J. Bialas, daughter of Brian Bialas, Branch 99

GEICO Scholarship ($1,500)
Jeffrey A. Dudukovich, Branch 51

Colonel Hazel Benn Scholarship ($2,000 each)
Elena R. Alcedo, daughter of Joseph Alcedo, Jr., Branch 10
Sarah M. Dornfeld, daughter of Arthur W. Dornfeld, Member-at-Large

FRA is a congressionally chartered, non-profit organization representing the interests of current and former enlisted members of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. In addition to its advocacy work on Capitol Hill in support of enlisted personnel, FRA aids its members with career issues by maintaining close relationships with government agencies and by educating lawmakers about the challenges facing those who serve in the armed forces. In addition to its generous scholarship program, the Association also sponsors a national essay contest and assists its members with disaster relief grants.