Current News
8/01/13 NHQ Job Openings
4/25/13 FRA Takes Members’ Concerns to Capitol Hill
2/08/13 Letter to the Wall Street Journal on Cuts to Pentagon Spending

Press Releases
9/25/13 Leaders of the Veterans’ Community to Address FRA’s 2013 National Convention
9/19/13 FRA Hires New Finance Officer
6/20/13 FRA Marks 15th Anniversary of USCG Caucus Breakfast
6/07/13 Letter to Washington Post on Commissaries
4/25/13 FRA Takes Members’ Concerns to Capitol Hill
4/18/13 FRA Advocates Full ECI Pay Hike at Senate Hearing

News Bytes
11/21/14 FRA NewsBytes - 11-21-2014
11/14/14 FRA NewsBytes - 11-14-2014
11/07/14 FRA NewsBytes - 11-07-2014
10/31/14 FRA NewsBytes - 10-31-2014
10/24/14 FRA NewsBytes - 10-24-2014
10/17/14 FRA NewsBytes - 10-17-2014

11/20/14 Autism care coverage improves but costs still worrisome
11/06/14 First ‘Choice Cards’ to 320,000 Vets

Sgt. Shaft

John Fales (a.k.a. Sgt. Shaft) is a columnist for the Washington Times. The Sgt. Shaft column is written with a wry sense of humor, empathy for the underdog, and strong love of country and fellow veterans that closely mirror the nature of its creator.

Diabled Veteran & "substantially gainful occupation"