Job Opening at FRA National Headquarters

The following staff position is coming open at FRA National Headquarters in Alexandria, Va.:



TITLE:  National Executive Director (NED)

FUNCTION:  Active managing director of FRA’s National Headquarters per Section 808, C&BL, FRA. Chairman, National Committee on Legislative Service; Advisor, Future Planning Committee; Advisor, Budget and Finance Committee and Membership and Retention Committee; and President, FRA Education Foundation.

SUPERVISION:  Reports to National President for general administrative matters and the National Board of Directors regarding NHQ staffing, operations and associated functions.


  1. Active managing director of FRA’s National Headquarters responsible for staffing, operations and leadership/member support.
  2. Provides guidance to program/departmental directors in the accomplishment of the Association’s mission and purpose.
  3. Oversees FRA VSO Program and serves as certifying officer for VA applications for accreditation as service organization representative.
  4. Serves as chief assistant to National President and National Board of Directors.
  5. In charge of official Association correspondence, historical files, meetings minutes and records and ensuring associated files are maintained to include National Conventions business, National Board of Directors meetings and National Committee appointments.
  6. Maintains and keeps current Association governing documents, Standing Rules and other documents/publications.
  7. Serves as permanent Chairman, National Committee on Legislative Service and maintain registration as Association lobbyist with the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives and Secretary of the U.S. Senate and complies with all associated filing requirements.
  8. Reports annually to National Convention delegates regarding ongoing work and activities of his/her office to include recommendations requiring action at the National Convention; and report to the National Board of Directors on meetings and Congressional hearings that he/she has attended.
  9. Ensures that a register of all Branches is maintained and updated as appropriate to include officers and committees.
  10. Works closely with the Finance Officer with regard to his/her responsibilities, the issuing and reviewing RFPs for Association contracts, Branch support, the administration of employee benefits, the Defined Benefit Pension Plan and Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan.
  11. Responsible for hiring and terminating NHQ employees, maintaining competitive salaries and benefits and ensuring compliance with ERISA and other employment policies.
  12. Oversees five headquarters departments (administration, finance, membership, government relations and communications/marketing).
  13. Serves as a trustee of the FRA Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan.
  14. Serves as the principal FRA representative to The Military Coalition per FRA Standing Rule #3.
  15. Represents the Association on Capitol Hill, at various ceremonies and events in the National Capital area, and FRA functions.
  16. Writes columns for monthly magazine and edits legislative and other copy for publications. Also serves as print / broadcast media spokesperson for the Association and speaks to active, reserve, retired and veterans groups.
  17. Other duties and responsibilities as directed.


  1. Member in good standing of FRA.
  2. Tax exempt association management experience.
  3. Excellent communications skills.
  4. Familiarization with ERISA and other Federal employment laws.
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or related field, or equivalent experience.
  6. Familiarity and/or experience administering association programs including budget and finance, membership, fund raising, magazine publishing, legal issues, government relations, contracts, member services, affinity programs, information technology, web site, administrative support, staffing, human resources, etc.

Note:  All candidates must also submit a resume (in addition to a nominating resolution from their branch) no later than September 1, 2013. Resumes should be sent to the attention of FRA's National President and emailed to

The Shipmate selected as the next NED must relocate to the metropolitan DC area at his/her own expense, if not already residing there.