FRA on Fox News Channel

John Davis, FRA’s director of Legislative Programs, shared FRA’s concern over the growing backlog of veterans’ disability claims during an interview that aired on the Fox News Channel this week. This is a top FRA priority and was addressed by FRA National President Mark Kilgore when he testified before a joint hearing of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees in March.

Davis cited shipmates’ concerns about claims processing delays and the Association’s continuing interaction with members of Congress and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials on this issue.  He also spoke about VA efforts to improve training for claims personnel, streamline the claims process, and leverage technology to speed up the adjudication process. He also called for added benefits for “blue water” veterans, who were exposed to Agent Orange while serving off the coast of Vietnam, and expressed the FRA’s disappointment with the recent announcement that the VA and Department of Defense (DoD) are abandoning efforts to create a single electronic health record for active duty military personnel and veterans.  

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