Line of Duty Care for Reserve Members

Understanding TRICARE health care options for Reservists can be confusing as it varies based on their duty status. When activated for more than 30 days, Reserve members are eligible for TRICARE Prime. If a Reserve member gets injured or aggravates an existing injury or illness as a direct result of his or her duties during a period of activation less than 30 days, a Reserve member may be covered under the line of duty (LOD) care or notice of eligibility (NOE) care for members of the Coast Guard. Weekend drill, summer training exercises and/or national disaster response are examples of activations for less than 30 days. For care received from a civilian provider, the Military Medical Support Office (MMSO) reviews the LOD/NOE case. For care received at a military hospital or clinic, the facility where care is received reviews the LOD/NOE case. For more information on LOD/NOE care please visit