Americanism Essay Contest For Grades 7 - 12

2013-2014 Theme: The Bill of Rights and Me

The essay contest's grand national prize is $5,000 with additional prizes of $2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place, and $1,000 for third place in grades seven through twelve. All winners will receive an attractive plaque citing their achievement. Every entrant judged at the national level receives a "Certificate of Recognition." Additional prizes may be awarded to students winning at local branch and regional levels of competition.

FRA's Essay Contest is open to all students grades 7 through 12 (including those who are home schooled).

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2012 – 2013 FRA Americanism Essay Contest Winners
Congratulations to this year's winners!

OVERALL WINNER: Meredith Gress, sponsored by Branch 70, Poway, Calif., Southwest Region
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7th Grade: Jarod Hoffman, Branch 99, East Coast Region
8th Grade: Jadidiah Jenkens, Branch 44, Southeast Region
9th Grade: Maxwell Masterson, Branch 293, East Coast Region
10th Grade: Lila Vo, Branch 289, Southwest Region
11th Grade: Erin Ashley Gray‐Bryant, Branch 99, East Coast Region
12th Grade: Meredith Gress, Branch 70, Southwest Region

7th Grade: Elizabeth Moody, Branch 132, New England Region
8th Grade: Maddie Meyer, Branch 267, North Central Region
9th Grade: Michael Frank, Branch 22, Southeast Region
10th Grade: Paige Pennington, Branch 40, East Coast Region
11th Grade: Benjamin Phillip Palmer, Branch 214 , Northeast Region
12th Grade: Richard Deane Ramunno, Branch 244, West Coast Region

7th Grade: Giscelle Rosario, Branch 46, Northwest Region
8th Grade: Adwoa Debrah, Branch 182, East Coast Region
9th Grade: Joseph Anand, Branch 17, North Central Region
10th Grade: Namankita Rana, Branch 57, Northeast Region
11th Grade: Ellie L. Feis, Branch 275, West Coast Region
12th Grade: Yeraldin Pineda, Branch 201, South Central Region