8 February, 2006




The Honorable Duncan Hunter

Chairman House Armed Services Committee

2265 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC


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Dear Mr. Chairman Hunter:


The Honorable Ike Skelton

Ranking Member Armed Services Committee

2206 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington, DC




Dear Congressman Skelton:


The Fleet Reserve Association strongly opposes plans to increase health care costs for retired military beneficiaries under age 65 as detailed in the Administrationís FY 2007 Budget request.


FRA represents enlisted Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel, Reservists, and veterans, and the majority of our members are retirees who honorably served our nation for lengthy periods of time.Many completed full careers despite low pay and difficult and dangerous duty assignments because they believed the government would fulfill its commitment of free health care for life.


Our memberships appreciates the compensation and benefit enhancements-including TRICARE For Life-enacted into law in recent years and salutes your great leadership in advancing these improvements and ensuring full implementation.Unfortunately the Department of Defense believes the cost of sustaining these enhancements- particularly for military retirees, negatively impacts military readiness and is proposing a significantly greater cost share to younger retirees-many of who have, or will have served significant time in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Our Nation is at war and imposing these costs on retirees sends a powerful negative message not only to them, but to those currently serving about the value of their service.Unlike private sector employees, military retirees have answered the call to serve and most have done so under extremely difficult circumstances while separated from their families to defend the freedoms we all enjoy today.


For these reasons itís important to identify alternatives to imposing higher health care enrollment and pharmacy fees on military retirees.






National Executive Secretary


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