FRA serves its active duty and reserve members by:

Advocating for increased pay and enhanced benefits.

  • FRA works to secure annual pay increases that are at least .05 percent above the Employer Cost Index (ECI).
  • The Association supports targeted pay increases for mid-career and senior enlisted personnel to close the “pay gap” that exists between military and private sector pay.
  • FRA is working to increase PCS weight limits for enlisted personnel and is a strong advocate for the Families First program – a program that provides full-replacement coverage for household goods that are lost or damaged during PCS moves.

Improving health care options for active duty and reserve members and their families.Image

  • We work to assure access to health care services at Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) and through civilian providers.
  • FRA strongly advocates legislation that expands TRICARE access for reservists and their families.
  • We are also working improve DoD post-deployment physicals and assure a seamless transition from DoD to VA health care systems.
  • Your go-to source for information and personal assistance with TRICARE concerns.

Providing academic scholarships for members, their spouses, children and grandchildren. 

  • FRA sponsors a scholarship program that annually presents nearly $90,000 to deserving students across the nation.

Recognizing excellence among Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel. 

  • FRA has been a sponsor of the Navy’s Sailor of the Year program since its inception in 1972.
  • During annual events, FRA pays tribute to the Marine Corps’ exceptional Marine Security Guards (MSGs), Drill Instructors (DIs), Security Instructors, School of Infantry Instructors, and Career Counselors.
  • Honor graduates of the Marine Corps’ Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy are recognized with FRA’s “Gung-Ho” Award and receive a K-Bar knife and plaque.
  • The Association also salutes the Coast Guard’s Honors Program recipients (formerly the Enlisted Persons of the Year or EPOY) during annual ceremonies that honor the service’s Active Duty, Reserve, Civilian and Non-Appropriated Funds Civilian Member of the Year.
  • FRA also proudly recognizes the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard’s outstanding Recruiters of the Year. 

Keeping shipmates informed on issues that affect them.

  • FRA believes an informed shipmate is a good citizen. 
  • News Bytes, FRA’s weekly e-mail update, provides the latest news about legislation and policy changes that impact shipmates’ quality of life.
  • Each edition of FRA’s quarterly newsletter, OnWatch, highlights a facet of military life important to active duty and reserve personnel.
  • FRA members receive Naval Affairs, our monthly membership magazine that showcases the Association’s legislative efforts, reports of FRA events, and profiles of shipmates who are making a difference in their communities.

Keeps you connected with fellow and former shipmates. 

  • FRA shipmates gather at branch meetings around the country to participate in community service projects, promote patriotism in their local communities, and share the bonds of the Brotherhood of the Sea.
  • FRA’s annual national and regional conventions are prime opportunities for shipmates to share fun and fellowship. 
  • Members are encouraged to list their ship and organizational reunions in FRA’s monthly membership magazine, FRA Today, and on our website.
  • Looking for a shipmate you haven't seen in a while?  FRA members can post a “Looking for …” notice in FRA Today and on the website.