March 2, 2005

The Honorable James Saxton
U.S. House of Representatives
2217 Rayburn House Office Building
, DC 20515

Dear Rep. Saxton:

On behalf of FRA, I extend sincere gratitude for your continued leadership in championing the proposal to change the effective date for paid-up coverage under the military Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP).

More than 135,000 retirees, who are 70 years of age or older, are currently paying into the program for a longer period of time than what any of their successors will be asked to. If the current date remains at October 1, 2008, those personnel who enrolled in the program at its inception in 1972 will have paid for an additional six years. At $100 per month, the penalty will equal $7,200. Moving the effective date for paid-up coverage is an issue of fairness that is of high concern to FRA’s membership.

The Association appreciates your efforts and again applauds your continued and unwavering support of our military service members.


National Executive Secretary