Defense Sequestration Cut Alert!

The Budget Control Act of 2011 mandates deep across-the-board budget cuts which are now known as ‘sequestration’ effective March 1, 2013. The law requires that 50 percent of the cuts come from the Department of Defense, with the remainder coming from other programs. These cuts were intended to be so punitive that Congress and the Administration would work together to find reasonable alternatives. Unfortunately, this hasn’t occurred. Congress and the White House have been consumed with bitter partisan posturing and have been unable to come to a long-term agreement on the budget.

In anticipation of more budget cuts perhaps as early as next month, DoD and the services are implementing cost saving policies including hiring freezes, canceling training and certain travel, delaying maintenance and halting other non-readiness related programs. Related to this is the cancellation of the carrier USS Harry S. Truman’s deployment to the middle east this week.

Please use the FRA Action Center (www.fra.org) to tell the president, your senators, and representative that pending arbitrary ‘sequestration’ related cuts to Defense will create a "hollow force" and endanger national security.