Overview of forming a new branch
To form a new branch a minimum of 20 members must affiliated with the the proposed branch. They can be current, former or new members to the FRA.

 Eligibility requirements for becoming a member of the FRA are outlined in FRA’s Constitution & Bylaws, Article 3, Sections 301 – 304.
Essentially, any current or former member of the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard is eligible to join the FRA.
Potential members can be active duty, reserve, retired, or veterans who served.

 When the prospective member decides to join the FRA upon completion and signing the membership application, they certify meeting the FRA eligibility of being a current or former member of the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard.
Preferably a current FRA member should be designated as the organizer although a person with a strong interest in this project can be deemed the organizer but they must be eligible for and have an interest in becoming a member of the newly formed branch.

 The organizer will have to set up a kick-off meeting with potential members to discuss the FRA organization. Suggestions would be to have the kick-off meeting at locations such as banquet halls, fellow veteran organizations meeting places, community centers, etc., which may be free to the public. Free advertising in local military base newspapers would be helpful to communicate the meeting purpose, date, place, and time.

 A listing of current branches in the Region where the new branch is to be established shall be provided to the organizer to determine if there is a branch close by in the existing area.

 A list of former members can be provided at the start of this process to the organizer based on county or zip code. The organizer should provide the county or zip codes to the Director of Membership Development to conduct a search in the database. Contact: Christina Hitchcock by email: christinah@fra.org. This list may be used to mail invitations to prospective members in the local area to attend the kick-off meeting.

 Sample letters to use to mail to prospective, terminated and/or members at large can be sent to you for distribution along with brochures, information sheets, and membership applications

 Before or even after the initial kick-off meeting, the organizer or other members may recruit new or reinstated members. They should complete a Membership Application and attach the dues payment. Dues may be paid by check, payable to FRA or by Credit Card.

 The membership dues rates are as follows:
$40.00 (1 yr)
$64.00 (2 yrs – brand new members only)
$75.00 (2 yrs – previous members or renewals)
$180.00 (5 yrs)

Life Membership: 
Under age 40: $600
Age 41 – 50: $570
Age 51 – 60: $535
Age 61 – 70: $457
Age 71 – 80: $380
Age 81 – 90: $260
Age 91 – 100: $145
Age 100+1: Free

Please note, Life Membership fees may be paid in 12 monthly installments. The first month’s payment will be $40. Thereafter the payments will be equally divided for the next eleven months.The member will not be considered to be a Life Member until the total fee has been paid.

If there are current members who desire to transfer to the newly formed branch, they will be changed over after the Branch number has been established. They would need to complete a written transfer request or send an email to christinah@fra.org. Dues payments for new start up branches will be assigned to Members at Large until the Branch has been Instituted and Installed.

 The Petition and Application for a Charter along with appropriate attachments including membership applications, dues payments and/or Branch Transfer Applications shall be forwarded to the FRA National Board of Directors (NBOD) c/o Director of Membership Development, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

 Upon receipt of the application and attachments, all documents will be reviewed for completeness and a decision will be rendered by the NBOD.

 Upon approval by the NBOD, a charter for the new branch will be prepared and forwarded to the Regional President having jurisdiction of the new branch.

 A newly chartered branch shall be installed within 3 months of the authorization date; otherwise it will become null and void. After review of this information, please let me know if you would like to move forward to establish a new branch. A package of information will be mailed to the organizer. 

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*Updated 12/2024