To report a Shipmate's death via e-mail or by phone at (703) 683-1400 ext. 1
Please provide the name and city & state, and if possible the members number. 

See attached form. ( Shipmate are encouraged to complete basic information on this form and retain the document with personal papers)

It is an honored tradition within FRA to acknowledge a shipmates passing with a two bell ceremony at the local branch.   
We will notify the FRA Branch, if the member was affiliated with one. 
The name of the shipmate will appear in our TAPS/in Memoriam section of the FRAtoday monthly magazine. 

If you have not seen the name of a shipmate in FRAtoday and suspect that he or she has reported to the Supreme Commander, please contact us with your inquiry and we will do our best to help you find a status. Note: we will not provide contact information for a current or former Shipmate. 

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