National Headquarters Staff E-Mail Addresses & Phone Extensions

(703) 683-1400 / (800) FRA-1924

General FRA E-mail -

National Executive Director - Thomas J. Snee:, ext. 101

Finance Officer - Nora Graham:, ext. 102

Accounting - Misrak A. Zeleke, Senior Accountant:, ext. 114

Administration - Teresa Wiener, Director:, ext. 103

Communications & Marketing - William D. Stevenson, Director:, ext. 126

IT Operations - Sami A Alsamawi, Manager:, ext. 119

Legislative Programs - John Davis, Director:, ext. 110

Stephen M. Tassin, Assistant Director:, ext. 113

Brian Condon, Assistant Director:, ext. 127

Bob Washington, Legislative Program Healthcare Advisor:, ext. 125

Communications & Marketing - Victoria Duran, Manager:, ext. 124

Membership Development - Penny Collins, Director:, ext. 123

Member Services - Shirley Moore, Manager:, ext. 120

Veterans' Services - Chris Slawinski, VSO:, ext. 115


Have a specific question or comment?

To reach our Admin Manager:
Teresa Weiner,, ext. 103

Member services (including change of address):
Shirley Moore,, ext. 120

FRA Today and public relations:
William D. Stevenson,, ext. 126

To place a reunion in FRA Today:
Victoria Duran,, ext. 124

Legislative questions:
John Davis,, ext. 110

Membership questions:
Penny Collins,, ext. 123

To order recruiting materials:
Member Services,, (800) FRA-1924

To order items for sale (membership pins, etc):
Donna Simms:, ext. 117

Veterans' Services - Chris Slawinski, VSO:, ext. 115

Mail Services - Jimmy Short:, ext. 116

FRA National Headquarters
125 N. West Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2754

Send questions and comments to or call (800) FRA-1924.

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