If you would like to have your event listed, please contact FRA HQ and we will gladly add your event to the list below.
These events are great for spreading the word on FRA and obtaining new members. 

Thank you for your continued support!
TitleBegin DateEnd DateCity
East Coast Mid-Year Meeting 02/15/201902/16/2019Richmond204
South Central Mid-Year Meeting03/22/201903/23/2019Bossier City205
West Coast Mid-Year Meeting03/22/201903/23/2019American Canyon207
North Central Mid-Year Meeting03/24/201903/26/2019Osage Beach206
Northeast/New England Mid-Year Meeting03/29/201903/30/2019Lakehurst208
East Coast Regional Convention 07/18/201907/21/2019Greenville211
Northeast/New England Regional Convention08/09/201908/10/2019Groton212
Southwest Regional Convention08/12/201908/13/2019Las Vegas220
North Central Regional Convention08/18/201908/20/2019Nashville214
Southeast regional Convention08/21/201908/25/2019Jacksonville215
South Central Regional Convention08/22/201908/25/2019Shreveport213
West Coast Regional Convention08/23/201908/24/2019Carson City216
Northwest Regional Convention09/06/201909/07/2019Everett217