Improve VA Claims Processing

FRA supports all efforts to eliminate the backlog of VA disability claims and get veterans the benefits they've earned in a timely fashion. The Association also supports reform of the Veterans' Benefit Administration's antiquated paper claims system.

Letter to Rep. Ruiz supporting the Veterans Access to Speedy Review Act 3-9-2015 (Adobe PDF File)
Letter to Rep. Titus supporting H.R. 517 establishing task force to evaluate the backlog of VA claims 3-9-2015(Adobe PDF File)
Letter to Rep. Sinema supporting the Access to Veteran-Centered Community Care Act, 7-14-2014 (Adobe PDF File)
Letter to Sen. Heller Supporting the 21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act, 5-8-2014 (Adobe PDF File)
Letter to Rep. Titus on Interim Disability Payments, 7-22-2013 (Microsoft Word Document)
Letter to Rep. Miller on Backlog Commissions, 7-19-2013 (Microsoft Word Document)
Letter to Rep. Filner on Streamlining VA Appeals (Microsoft Word Document)

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