Retention of Final Month's Retired Pay at Time of Death

FRA supports legislation authorizing the retention of the full final month’s retired pay by the surviving spouse (or other designated survivor) for the month in which the member was alive for at least 24 hours.

Refer to Related Links for testimony, Related Files for letters to Congress, DoD leaders and FRA Bullet Points on the issue.

Related Files
Letter to Rep. Jones supporting the Military Retiree Survivor Comfort Act, 4-2-2015 (Adobe PDF File)
Letter to Rep. Jones on Final Month's Pay, 3-27-2013 (Microsoft Word Document)
Letter to Sen. Lincoln, 3/16/2010 (Microsoft Word Document)
FRA Letter to Rep. Jones (H.R. 613) 1/29/2009 (Microsoft Word Document)
FRA Letter to Rep. Everett 3/9/2005 (Adobe PDF File)
FRA Letter to Sen. Sessions 3/4/2005
FRA Letter to Rep. DeWine 2/23/2005
Point Paper: Authorize Surviving Spouses to Receive a Full Month of Retired Pay for the Month in which Military Retirees Die (Adobe PDF File)
Point Paper on Full Months Retiree Pay for Survivors (Microsoft Word Document)
Final Months pay to Survivor 2007 (Microsoft Word Document)

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