Auxiliary of the FRA


Organized in 1930, the LA FRA/Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association is chartered to aid, assist and promote all matters pertaining to welfare, social, and patriotic works of the Fleet Reserve Association, its members and their families. LA FRA Units are located throughout the United States and overseas.
There is also a Membership-at-Large (MAL) roll administered by the Auxiliary National Offices, for those who do not have access to, or do not desire to join a Unit. The Auxiliary is proud of the heritage and traditions of this great nation and we recognize the sacrifices, past and present, needed to keep us strong and free.


Auxiliary plays an active role in the local community by promoting youth activities, Americanism, and charitable causes. At the national level, Auxiliary funds four annual scholarships and was a major contributor to the building of our nation's Navy Memorial, located in Washington, D.C.

Auxiliary Units sponsor and assist local communities with their memorial ceremonies and patriotic events. They also participate in social events such as dances, luncheons, picnics and fund-raising activities. Annual regional and national conventions, caucuses, workshops, convention tours, shows and dinner/dances round out many exciting activities available to Auxiliary members.

Each year, members of the Auxiliary undertake a pilgrimage to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. The 2021 Pilgrimage information will be updated once it is available.

Membership in the Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association shall be limited to spouses, parents, grandparents, sisters,brothers, children, stepchildren and grandchildren not less than 16 years of age of members of the Fleet Reserve Association; and widows, widowers, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, children, stepchildren and grandchildren not less than 16 years of ageo of persons who were members at time of death or eligible to be members of the Fleet Reserve Association at time of death.

Auxiliary members fall into two categories:
Members who belong to an Auxiliary Unit  or
Members who do not belong to any Auxiliary Unit but join as "Members-at-Large."
For more information, visit the LA FRA website.

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