FRA is first and foremost a community of the Sea Services; U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel. Service in any of these branches—past or present, for a short time or for the long haul—is your passport to membership in an association that works hard for you and your family on Capitol Hill and in your local community. FRA’s guiding principles are Loyalty, Protection and Service to our shipmates. Keep reading to see how we apply them in everything we do and watch this short introductory FRA video produced by an FRA Shipmate. Our mission is to protect and enhance your military pay and benefits. It is our way of saying:
Thank you for your military service!

We are an organization of shipmates who voluntarily chose to associate with each other with reverence for God and country, 
and being ever mindful of the glorious traditions of the United States Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard; 
Our Duty to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; 
Our Responsibility to aid in maintaining adequate defense for our beloved country; 
Our Desire to assist in obtaining the best type of personnel for our Sea Services; 
Our Interest in the welfare of those who served and are now serving; 
Our Devotion to our shipmates in good fortune or distress; 
Our Reverence for the memory of our departed shipmates.

FRA Protects Your Pay and Benefits

Legitimate and very serious threats to active duty, veteran, retiree, and reserve pay and benefits are being considered by Congress. FRA has always been at the forefront of defending military and veterans’ health care, compensation and benefits, and other quality-of-life programs. We need your help to get the message to Congress! The threats to your pay and benefits have never been greater.

Examples of success stories resulting from FRA-led initiatives include:

  • Pay increases for career enlisted personnel,
  • Protection of military retirement benefits,
  • Establishment of TRICARE,
  • Predatory lending protections, and
  • Protection of military pay and benefits from budget cuts.

This short list of FRA’s legislative victories is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about FRA’s achievements, current legislative agenda, and most importantly, how you can participate, visit the FRA Action Center. Beyond keeping you up-to-date on today’s important issues and FRA’s responses, the Action Center allows you to convey your concerns directly to your elected officials. Use the pre-written letters provided or craft your own to urge your elected officials to halt potentially harmful legislation or support legislation that will help. You will be kept apprised of changes and can see first-hand how adding your voice to FRA’s makes the message stronger. Congressional leaders respond to numbers and lobbying pressure—join us and make your voice heard.

Why Should I Join?

When you join FRA, you are adding your voice to an association that works tirelessly to preserve and enhance pay, benefits, and quality-of-life programs for all of its members and their families and communities. View a copy of the FRA Benefits of Membership Brochure.

You will also enjoy a host of individual benefits, including:

  • COMMUNITY: FRA has over 140 branches where you can meet with other members, discuss local issues, and be involved in your community. Click here to locate a nearby branch.
  • PERTINENT INFORMATION: Members receive FRAtoday, our magazine, and a weekly e-newsletter of legislative events as they occur, including information on what you can do to support (or thwart) them.
  • EXPERTS: FRA has the expertise to give you straight answers on a broad range of military and veterans’ issues, including DoD and VA health care concerns and benefits, retirement, pay structure, survivor benefits, and much more.
  • SCHOLARSHIP: FRA provides more than $90,000 in undergrad and graduate scholarships annually to members and their families.
  • Tell us what is important to you:    
  • Let your voice be heard:
  • Additional benefits click here.


More About FRA

The Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) is a congressionally chartered, non-profit organization that represents the interests of the Sea Service community before the U.S. Congress. Although the association was originally named for the Navy’s Fleet Reserve program, membership in FRA is open to all current and former sailors, marines, and Coast Guard personnel. The only requirement to join FRA is to have served as an enlisted member in the USN, USMC, or USCG for at least one day.

The Association was founded by Navy Chief Yeoman George L. Carlin, and chartered in 1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. FRA was born out of the need for an organization to protect the pay and benefits of enlisted Sea Service members and their families on Capitol Hill. FRA also assists its members with career problems by maintaining close liaison with the Departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and other government agencies.

In 1998, FRA was the first organization to actively seek repeal of the Military Retirement Reform Act (REDUX) and was successful in urging members of Congress to introduce and/or sponsor legislation to change the law. As a result, REDUX is no longer mandatory, and a bonus was enacted for personnel who accept it. In 2000, the Association led a successful campaign to authorize pay hikes for mid-career enlisted personnel that resulted in pay increases for E-5, E-6 and E-7 personnel on July 1, 2001. And more recently, the Association was instrumental in payday lending reform, Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits for career personnel and their families, and absentee voting reform. Other major legislative accomplishments include the establishment of the CHAMPUS Health Program and Military Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP).

FRA is a member of the Veterans Day National Committee (VDNC) and is represented on the Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services (VAVS) National Advisory Committee (NAC). It is also a charter member and leading organization in The Military Coalition (TMC), a group of 33 military and veterans’ organizations which represent five and one half million uniformed services active duty, retired, reserve and National Guard personnel, veterans, their families and survivors. TMC works collectively on legislation to enhance the quality of life for military personnel.

FRA staff members present legislative seminars to inform Sea Service personnel about actions on Capitol Hill, and the importance of participating in the legislative process to protect their pay and benefits. The Association annually recognizes members of Congress with its prestigious “Pinnacle Award” in recognition of outstanding support for uniformed services’ personnel. FRA also hosts the U.S. Coast Guard Caucus Breakfast on Capitol Hill each year.

FRA is a major sponsor of the annual programs recognizing the Navy Sailors and Recruiters of the Year (SOY and ROY), the Marine Corps Recruiters and Drill Instructors of the Year, and the Coast Guard Enlisted Persons of Year (EPOY) and Recruiters of the Year. FRA also sponsors congressional receptions honoring the SOYs, EPOYs and ROYs, and presents the FRA “Gung Ho Award” to one member of each USMC Staff NCO Academy graduating class in Quantico, Va. The Association also sponsors patriotism essay awards and scholarship awards totaling more than $100,000 annually under the auspices of the recently established FRA Education Foundation.

FRA is accredited with the Board of Correction for Naval Records, the Physical Evaluation Board, the Physical Review Council, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Visit FRA on Facebook, follow FRA on Twitter, and share your opinions with FRA through quarterly surveys

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