Circulation: 52,000
Readership: 102,500

FRA’s monthly member magazine, FRAtoday, is a dynamic publication focused on the interests of current and former members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. It keeps readers up-to-date on legislative initiatives that impact their pay, benefits and quality of life, and underscores the Association’s advocacy efforts. FRAtoday includes a monthly feature, highlighting a facet of past or present military life. The editorial calendar includes interviews with high-profile leaders, overviews of unique military missions, and first-hand accounts of historical military events. These features offer unique opportunities for related advertising.

Meet FRA Readers:

FRAtoday readers are loyal and engaged. They look forward to receiving every issue, read each from cover to cover, and respond to what they read. 80.1% have taken one or more actions as a result of reading FRAtoday, such as:

  • Contacted an elected official
  • Clipped/copied an article of interest
  • Visited an advertiser's website
  • Purchased an advertised product

3 out of 4 members read every issue. 

The digital edition of FRAtoday is available on the FRA website. Current and archived issues may be accessed here.


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