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R/V Sally Ride
Named after the first American woman to travel into space, R/V Sally Ride is a cutting-edge research vessel operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, but owned by the Navy as part of the U.S. Academic Fleet.
Fisher Houses
Fisher Houses allow the family members of hospitalized service members and veterans to support their wounded or ill loved ones without worrying about lodging costs or transportation to the hospital.


Space: 11/18/2022


Master Chief Carl Brashear Profile 
After an accident during a salvage operation, Brashear had part of his leg amputated. Yet he defied the odds and qualified as a master diver, something no African American had accomplished before. 
Military Caregiver Resources
An estimated 5.5 million military caregivers across America face enormous challenges every day caring for gravely injured or ill service members and veterans. We explore some of the resources available for these “hidden heroes.”


Space: 12/16/2022
Materials: 12/28/2022


The Role of Mass Communication Specialists
It may seem strange to have someone assigned to a command whose primary job is to take pictures of and write stories about other people doing their jobs, but MCs serve a vital role in the Navy’s mission to recruit talent and project power.
Portraits of Honor
Photographer Jeff Rease started the Portraits of Honor Project in 2019, determined to give a final portrait to as many World War II veterans as he could. The project has since expanded to include a film documenting veterans’ stories.


Space: 1/17/2023


The New Faces of Old Bases 
Around the country, formerly bustling bases have been closed as military strategies and priorities have changed. Many of them have found a new life as public spaces for art and industry.
Vice Adm. Samuel L. Gravely Jr. Profile
Vice Adm. Samuel L. Gravely Jr. had a long and trailblazing career that spanned three major conflicts and included being the first Black man to command a combat ship and to achieve flag rank in the U.S. Navy.


Space: 2/21/2023


The Arlington Ladies
Since 1948, the Arlington Ladies have attended funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery to ensure that no soldier, sailor, airman or Coast Guardsman is buried alone.
Joseph L. Crowe Jr. Profile
Joseph L. Crowe Jr. was a daring Coast Guard aviator who undertook numerous rescue operations to retrieve downed airmen during the Vietnam War. Over the course of his career, he earned three Distinguished Flying Crosses and nine Air Medals.


Space: 3/21/2023
Materials: 3/28/2023


San Diego Surf Programs for Veterans
In San Diego, surfing culture and a long-standing military presence have combined to form several organizations dedicated to helping service members and veterans find healing and community through surfing.
Branch 50 Profile
The members of Honolulu, Hawaii Branch 50 work together to give a voice to sea service veterans living in the Aloha State.


Space: 4/25/2023
Materials: 5/2/2023


Coast Guard Rescues After Hurricane Katrina
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Coast Guard stepped up to provide an unparalleled number of rescue operations in unprecedented conditions.  
Montel Williams Profile
Montel Williams is perhaps best known for his TV appearances from 1991 to 2008 on "The Montel Williams Show." But before his television career, he served in the Marine Corps and later graduated from the Naval Academy.


Space: 5/23/2023


The Seawolves of Vietnam
The aviators of the Navy’s Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron 3 were the difference between life and death for many SEALs, sailors and soldiers fighting in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam.
Military Spouse Unemployment 
Unemployment rates are consistently higher among active-duty military spouses than among the general population. While many programs have been created to address this discrepancy, there is still room for improvement.


Space: 6/23/2023
Materials: 6/30/2023


The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps
The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps teaches students ages 10 to 18 about the sea-going military services, U.S. naval operations and training, community service, citizenship, discipline, and teamwork.
How a Recruiter Saved My Life
Although recruiting in low-income neighborhoods has been under scrutiny in recent years, a career in the military can offer a way out of low-wage jobs for high schoolers graduating without many options.   

Space: 7/25/2023
Materials: 8/1/2023


Deploying During the Pandemic
Deployments are hard enough as they are, but sea service members who deployed during the COVID-19 pandemic underwent unprecedented levels of restriction and stress.
Bonnie Potter Profile
Dr. Bonnie B. Potter was the first female physician to attain the rank of rear admiral (lower half) and rear admiral (upper half), and was one of the first two female physicians to command a Naval Medical Center. She also outfitted the USNS Comfort for service in Operation Desert Storm.

Space: 8/22/2023
Materials: 8/29/2023


The Wall That Heals
The Wall That Heals is a traveling exhibit that includes a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial along with a mobile Education Center. It has been displayed at nearly 700 communities throughout the nation.
Arts in the Armed Forces
Founded by former Marine and actor Adam Driver, Arts in the Armed Forces travels to military bases around the country with the mission of delivering film and theater experiences that build community, improve resiliency and foster dialogue across ranks.


Space: 9/19/2023
Materials: 9/26/2023


Convention Review
Can’t make it to this year’s national convention? We bring the highlights to you, along with photos and an interview with the new leadership.
The USS ENGLAND was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for sinking six Japanese submarines in 13 days in May 1944, a record not matched by any other American ship during WWII.


Space: 10/20/2023
Materials: 10/30/2023


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