May 6 2016

URGENT! Special Edition

New Tricare Fees for Active Duty and their Families
The House Armed Services Committee’s (HASC) version of the National Defense Authorization Act 2017 (NDAA-H.R. 4909) provides substantial changes to the TRICARE program.

This bill authorizes a new enrollment fee ($100 for individual/$200 for families) for TRICARE Standard starting in 2020, and a new TRICARE fee for active duty personnel who join the military on or after January 1, 2018 of either $180 for an individual and $360 for a family for TRICARE Prime, or $300 for an individual or $600 for a family for TRICARE Preferred.

When we eventually retire, we will pay $325 for an individual and $650 for a family on Prime, and $425 for an individual and $850 for a family for TRICARE Preferred. That fee will increase annually but is capped at COLA rate.

FRA opposes these new TRICARE fees and believes that the Defense Department (DoD) must sufficiently investigate and implement other options to make TRICARE more cost-efficient before shifting costs to TRICARE beneficiaries.

The bill has been approved by Committee and will soon be considered by the full House. Please use the FRA Action Center ( to ask your Representative to oppose these new TRICARE fees. You are encouraged to share this with other servicemembers and ask them to go to the FRA Action Center.

Stephen TassinAbout OnWatch

OnWatch is a quarterly news update for active duty and Reserve personnel, written by Stephen Tassin. He recently transitioned from active duty to service as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the Marine Corps Reserve Force, and has a personal interest in these matters. As the assistant director of Legislative Programs for the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA), he’s also committed to FRA’s mission to maintain and improve the quality of life for Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel and their families. He looks forward to keeping you up to date on FRA’s legislative efforts to protect and enhance your earned military and veterans’ benefits.

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