Reform of PCS Process

FRA works to track the implementation of improvements to the PCS process. Support the Families First HHG program and its early implementation and the continuation of adequate funding of the Transition and Relocation Assistance Programs. Increase the weight limit for the amount of household goods enlisted personnel are allowed to ship during PCS moves.

Refer to Related Links for testimony, Related Files for letters to Congress, DoD leaders and FRA Bullet Points on the issue.

Related Files
Letter to Rep. McMorris Rodgers on PCS Mileage and 2nd POV, 6/4/2010 (Microsoft Word Document)
Letter to Sen. Begich on PCS Mileage and 2nd POV, 4/2/2010 (Microsoft Word Document)
FRA Letter to Sens. Levin and McCain 10/17/2007 (Microsoft Word Document)
FRA Letter to Reps. Skelton and Hunter 10/17/2007 (Microsoft Word Document)
Point Paper: Household Goods Weight Allowances During Permanent Change of Station Moves for Senior Noncommissioned Officers

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